Private, ad-free photo & video sharing for your family.

Share life's best moments with all your loved ones.
Just email your photos and videos to and we'll handle the rest.
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No apps to download
No passwords

Private and ad-free, forever.

Your memories deserve to live somewhere safe, clean and beautiful without appearing next to advertisements. And we pledge to keep Famgram running—not to get acquired or shut it down—so you don't have to worry about your photos going away.

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No accounts. No passwords. No apps to download.

Your family receives your photos by email, as often as they like. There's nothing to download, install, or configure, and no passwords to remember (or forget!). Just email your photos and videos to and we'll handle the rest!

Share with anyone, on any device.

Send and receive photos and videos from anything that works with email—iPhone and Android, iPads and other tablets, desktops, laptops, Macs and PCs, even smart watches.

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Here's how it works...
1. Create your album
Create album
Choose a name and add your family members' emails.
2. Add photos
Upload photos
Send to or upload them here.
3. Spread joy
Receive photo email
Your family gets your photos and videos by email as often as they like.
How does Famgram stack up?
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No passwords to forget
New photos/videos shared via email digest
No apps to download
Your photos aren't intermingled with other albums
No advertisements
No branding/logos on your album or emails
Upload from any device (iOS/Android/Mac/PC)
Receive on any device (iOS/Android/Mac/PC)
Supports photos and videos
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